Enterprise Content Captureand Data Discovery

Enable digital transformation and dataintelligence for high-value documents.

Watch the Demo to Learn How to:

  • Automate your document capture processes
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Quickly classify documents and extract metadata

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Why Use Document Capture For Your Enterprise?

Streamlined Process

Faster workflows equal greater efficiency. Ephesoft integrates with existing systems and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Cost Saving

The zero-footprint, browser-based application boasts automated processing rates averaging 90% and providing you with an average cost decrease of 80%.

Fast ROI

Real results right now. Enjoy the immediate benefits of accelerated business transactions and processes.

Accelerate Your Document-DrivenTransactions with Ephesoft Transact

From automating mortgage applications, streamlining insurance claims,
accelerating invoice payments and simplifying sales orders, Ephesoft Transact
allows our customers to put information to work and do business faster.


Capture any type of document from any source.


Identify and sort documents using machine learning.


Extract the metadata from documents.


Receive alerts on any errors or exceptions.


Your data is automatically sent to your ERP, CRM and other LOB applications either on-premises or cloud.

The Ephesoft Difference

Reduce error by 80%

Increase productivity by 400%

Labor savings average 30% to 50%

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